I'm committing to buy only Made in the USA products for an entire year - or explain why I didn't. Follow my progress by following my blog - and join me if you like. Let's work to put America back to work!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hand in Hand

I think is a really great deal for soap and protecting the environment and helping children.  Take a look:


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Emmerson Creek Pottery

This is one of my favorite USA made pottery sites -- I've bought some beautiful things from them.  Their shipping is fast and earth friendly and their products are awesome -- And they are having an open house and websale this weekend -- 25% off COUPON CODE   soh2011a


Saturday, March 26, 2011


It's been an exciting week - difficult to say the least but heartening as well.  While shopping has turned into a much longer process than I ever imagined (checking every label does take time!), I'm also excited to see all the groups on Facebook and all the Made in the USA websites supporting American products and American workers.

One thing I've noticed this past week is that I'm really buying less now.  That's really a good thing because I'm making wiser choices and taking my time to consider every purchase.  I not only think it's important to support US workers and buy US products, I also think it is important to consider our Earth and our environment and I do try to buy earth-friendly products when I can --

And that brings up another point for me -- finding made in the USA products is difficult -- finding made in the USA organic and earth friendly products is even more difficult -- I truly never realized how much organic produce is imported - It's shocking actually.

You would also think that with the awareness of "buy local" that you could count on the local products you buy being produced locally?  Right?  Be aware that just because a business is promoting "buy local" doesn't mean that business is getting all of its products locally - you may be buying from a local merchant who is only selling imported products.

Also be aware of local crafts - I was admiring some decorative wooden spoons in a local shop yesterday - the spoons had been decorated by hand my a local artist - they were very beautiful BUT the spoons themselves were cheap imported wooden spoons - I guess I question if that's really supporting USA made products - What do you think?  Certainly the local artist created some beautiful work - but wouldn't it be awesome if that person was taking the time to find USA made products to work with?

That said - I am an artist - I do wood carving and painting.  Carving isn't the problem -- my carving tools are all made in the USA - and I only use "found" wood in my carving.  However the painting is another issue - finding good quality artist canvas made in the USA has been a challenge -- but thanks to some wonderful folks on Facebook I have located some -- I had found acrylic paints made in the USA some time ago and am thrilled to now be able to use USA made canvas as well.

We can all do our parts - just one little step at a time.  Buy USA today - save an American job!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Grocery shopping trip

This was a trip!~!

It's not actually April 1 yet, but I think I did pretty good - I have to admit shopping at Roots Market http://rootsmkt.com/ does make grocery shopping a bit easier - Roots is committed to providing local products - but not everything they have is local or made in USA -- although at least what they do import is fair trade.  I didn't buy fresh blueberries because they were from Chile - instead I got frozen blueberries (wild) from Maine!  I managed to find yogurt - but the brand made in New York which I bought only had two flavors so I stocked up on plain yogurt and decided to try my hand at using my raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries to flavor my own -- we'll see how it works!

So here's my list of buys -- I've included a few web links for some of the products as well!  

Fresh Organic Raspberries and Blackberries -- from California
Frozen Organic Blueberries and Raspberries -- from Maine
Organic Baby Carrots -- California
Organic Cucumber - California
Equal Exchange Fair Trade Organic Bananas - (ok not USA, but hard to find US Bananas -- http://smallfarmersbigchange.coop/2009/06/10/dilemmas-of-a-fair-trade-banana-enthusiast/)
Organic Kiwi -- California
Organic Radishes -- California
Hydroponic Heirloom Tomatoes - Maryland
Woodstock Farms Dried Green Beans & Carrots - Connecticut
Trickling Milk - Maryland
Siggis Yogurt - New York
Provolone Cheese - Maryland
Blue Cheese- Oregon
Sirloin (Beef) -- Maryland
Pork Chops - Maryland
Salami, Coppa, Soppressata -- New Jersey
7 Grain Bread - Maryland
LateJuly Crackers - Massachusetts - http://www.shoplatejuly.com/
Salsa - Maryland
Napa Valley Champagne Vinegar - California
Lara Bars - Colorado
Oregon Wine

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I'm going to be buying groceries soon so I looking for local products that I can buy - I live in Rockville, Maryland so most of these links are going to be places near here -

http://www.localharvest.org/fox-hollow-farm-M24312 --or http://www.foxhollowfarm.org/
 locally grow meats and dairy. And free local delivery within 10 miles of Laytonsville.




Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Brushing My teeth

Honestly I've never given much thought to brushing my teeth - well other than trying to prevent a trip to the dentist.  Having decided to be more aware of the products I use everyday, of course I start each and everyday standing in front of the the mirror brushing my teeth - a simple thing really -

So why is it so difficult to find a toothbrush made in America -- don't we all use them -- every day - multiple times a day.  American's buy a lot of toothbrushes - $775 Million dollars is the total annual consumer
spending on toothbrushes. (ACNielsen, 2002) -- That's in 2002!

Just imagine if every person in America would buy an American made toothbrush instead of one made in China - we would be adding that money to the US economy! and creating American jobs!

It's just a toothbrush -

Love these toothbrushes - not only are they Made in the USA of recycled products, the company also has a mailback offer for you to recycle your old toothbrush!


Shelley's Made in the USA 365 day Challenge

I'm committing to buy only Made in the USA products for an entire year - or explain why I didn't. 

Follow my progress on my blog - and join me if you like. 

Let's work to put America back to work!